Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Plans

Team PhotoWe participate with VSP® Vision Care, Medicare, and we also participate with United Healthcare Vision, Spectera, EyeMed Access Plan, Horizon (including Direct Access), Oxford, United Healthcare and more. (Please note: Your insurance plan may include vision services...PLEASE check with your insurance company to learn about your coverage!). Check with our team if you have other types of coverage.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is usually optional coverage added to your insurance package that covers 'routine' eye wellness exams. This insurance may or may not include allowances or coverage for spectacles, lenses, or contact lens related fees. The plans normally allow for an 'eye exam' once per calendar year, although plans vary. Examples are OptumHealth Vision, Spectera, VSP, and EyeMed.

Medical Insurance

An optometrist is a medical specialist (optometric physician) and most optometrists participate as providers for care which is covered by your medical insurance. Because an optometrist is an “eye specialist”, these exams are covered much like a visit to any specialist, like a cardiologist or allergist.

Medical Insurance Companies will typically pay for an eye exam where there is a medical diagnosis (for example, allergies, pink eye, headaches, diabetes, eye infection, glaucoma suspect, at-risk for future eye problems).

Sometimes, a medical insurance company will require a referral to come see an optometrist (because they are eye specialists, just like cardiologist and allergists are specialists). The patient is responsible for finding out if a referral is needed, and this must be obtained by the day of the eye exam.

If there is a medical necessity for the exam, then usually most of the exam fees will be covered by your medical insurance--regardless of whether or not you have a vision plan or "vision insurance." If the doctor finds that there is nothing medically wrong, the insurance company may not pay for the exam, and payment will be the responsibility of the patient. "But my insurance only covers an eye exam once a year." This statement is referring to the vision care policy, and your 'vision' wellness exam (as described above). Medical eye care, like any other 'specialty,' is covered as often as is seen fit by the physician.

Latest Technology

Our office boasts an impressive array of technology for a small practice.

One inconvenience voiced by our patients is the turn-around time on eyeglasses. To better serve our patients, Red Bank Eye acquired a complete edging system. This means that we can cut lenses in-house instead of sending them to an outside lab. While it is impossible to keep every possible lens prescription and frame color in stock, in many cases we can make your glasses overnight, and sometimes while you wait! Lost your glasses? Going away and need them fast? Heading back to college? Don't worry! We'll see that it gets done fast.

We also have the latest technology for your eye health needs. All new patients will undergo pretesting on an autorefractor in order to give the doctor an approximate prescription. Then all new patients or those with risk factors will complete a screening on our Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer. Such a screening can detect blind spots in the field of vision which could indicate anything from a detached retina to the presence of a tumor.

In addition, our office purchased the Canon CR-2 retinal camera, one of the newest on the market. This camera can take a picture of the back of eye without dilation. These pictures are invaluable in the detection and monitoring of eye-related issues such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, as well as systemic disorders like diabetes and hypertension.

Sports Vision

Vision helps determine success in every athletic competition. Dr. Curtis is a member of the Sports Vision Section of the American Optometric Association and all of our doctors are avid sports fans. Dr. Bej can fit you in contact lenses that you sleep in overnight, so that visual correction (glasses and contacts) are not required during the day! Our office would like to help you see better while you're playing your favorite sport. Whether the answer is contact lenses or CRT or sports eyewear, our office has it all!